How do we get more girls into tech jobs?

I was listening to a Radio 4 programme a few days ago. I can’t remember the technicalities of it all but the lady who was being interviewed was employed by the NHS. She was in charge of a project whose aim was to use technology to make our contacts within the NHS easier – smoother, to bring processes inline with technology. She talked about GP surgeries being able to take repeat prescriptions online, and some of those elusive Drs appointments were held back for people to book online. She then went on to say about some of the fascinating opportunities that are available in this field and how young people are not made aware of them – especially young women who appear to consider IT jobs with the same enthusiasm as engineering jobs.
I thought back to my time working in a Multi Agency Team. We had very experienced Careers Advisors with a wealth of knowledge around University Programmes, careers and qualification routes. It dawned on me that I have no clue how these Professionals keep up to date with ‘new’ careers. How can we expose our young people to the breadth of careers within the ‘cyber’ world if our Careers Advisors do not know about, or don’t understand, these possibilities?
I need to understand this better and so next week I am meeting the Careers Advisors I used to work with for lunch, I look forward to hearing what they have to say. I really hope they surprise me and tell me that they always recommend young women to take on roles in Forensic Computing or Cyber Security, but somehow I doubt it. I will post up my findings.