Coming up for breath!

WOW! September has been so very busy I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – the bit when he house takes off and then when it lands there is a lovely peacefulness and a moment to collect your thoughts before you set off on your next adventure!

September has seen a real surge in training and I have had the benefit of working with some really forward thinking schools. I believe Derbyshire will soon see its first 360 Safe school, thanks to the dedication of staff, students and parents who are taking online safety seriously and really pushing the safer internet message.

5000 (yes five THOUSAND!) Bristol College students benefitted from a ‘Sexting and Revenge Porn’ micro session where we focussed on the legal aspects on posting and sharing indecent images, lots of information was shared and new stuff was learned by a significant majority of students – winner winner!

I have completed many, many sessions with Newly Qualified Teachers, Governors, Staff and Parents and this is set to continue up until the New Year.

September also saw me being asked to become a Course Facilitator for EPICT – this is amazing news and means I can now coach staff who wish to gain an Internationally recognised qualification for Online Safety. I plan to put more information about this on my website soon!

I would love to ramble away about all the other things I am doing, But I have some important meetings to prepare for – excellent never stops (or so Ian Thomas tells me!)

Onwards and upwards 🙂