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Staveley Juniors

I have met Sarah, the Headteacher of Staveley Junior school on several occasions. Can I sum her up in 1 word, yes, and its feisty. Sarah explained to me that her school is the 9th most deprived school in Derbyshire, with high rates locally of unemployment, crime and disability coupled with low incomes and low […]

Connected toys and the Internet of Things

Earlier this week I attended a Round Table event host by FOSI, it was supported by Microsoft and attended by Apple, NSPCC, IWF, various researchers and universities and other key stakeholders who have an interest in keeping children and their online data safe. The session started with a hacker who showed us how easy it […]

Specialist governor training – its a hit!

April and May have seen me roll out my newly developed training session aimed solely at school governors. The feedback has been incredible – thank you so much to all that have come along and participated! We have looked at Online Safety through the eyes of KCSiE (2016) and we considered ‘What does outstanding practice […]

How do we engage parents and carers more effectively?

Ed Tucker, Lee Pardy McLoughlin, Judith Staff, Carl Gottlieb and I shared our frustrations on Twitter after reading ‘Growing Up Digital’ which is a report from the Childrens Commissioner about, well, young people going up digital…. We have decided to write a formal response to the Childrens Commissioner and I will publish this in full […]

The problem with sexting….

So here I am, a 40-something lady reminiscing about my youth. I clearly remember the day when a friend and I were poking about her parents’ bedroom and we found a full frontal, naked shot of her mum tucked away in her bedside drawer. True enough we shouldn’t have been in there (and we certainly should […]

Online Safety for Parents – not scare tactics!

  Hey parents & carers, how would you like to come and sit in school hall on a wet Wednesday evening and have some stranger scaring the heck out of you by convincing you the internet is full of weirdos, bullies and paedophiles? No doubt you will come home from said session and remove anything […]

Hello strangers!

Well, its been a long, long time since I wrote a blog post on here. I toyed with deleting the blog page as I don’t tend to post, but have decided against that idea. The reason for my silence is that since my last blog I have been working pretty much full time at the […]

Coming up for breath!

WOW! September has been so very busy I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – the bit when he house takes off and then when it lands there is a lovely peacefulness and a moment to collect your thoughts before you set off on your next adventure! September has seen a real surge […]

Texting acronyms – out of date info?

More of a Monday morning observation than anything…. The week before last Parentinfo was all over the news promoting the new website which is aimed at schools and gives a host of up to date information on a range of topical issues. On Radio 4 they were talking about the section of the site that […]