Hello strangers!

Well, its been a long, long time since I wrote a blog post on here. I toyed with deleting the blog page as I don’t tend to post, but have decided against that idea.

The reason for my silence is that since my last blog I have been working pretty much full time at the Royal School for the Deaf in Derby. My time there is now coming to an end, as I was on a fixed term contract but I have learned so much – in particular about S.E.N. students and just how risky the internet can be for these students (across the Country, not just at my school!) and what we can do to safeguard them better.

I had the joy of us achieving the 360 ‘Esafety Mark’ – the first school in Derby / Derbyshire and the first Deaf School in the Country to achieve this, and have worked with my team to improve policy and procedure and improve standards across the school and residential provision. It has been a wonderful adventure and learning experience but (very sadly) it is time to move on.

I am now looking at the new and improved Keeping Children Safe in Education guidelines for September and am so pleased to see that they include reference to online safeguarding training – about time too!

I will be rolling out training at selected venues throughout the East Midlands and North West which will enable schools to meet their statutory obligations in this area. If you are interested please do get in touch.

I am also excited to be partnering with Alan Mackenzie – the Esafety Advisor, on an innovative project. More details to follow…..

Its good to be back!

Traci 🙂